Alex Bellefeuille

Candidate in Jean-Lesage.

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After years of implication within student politics, Alex Bellefeuille is running for the borough of Jean-Lesage for the National elections of 2018. He hopes his implication with the Green Party will help him promote ecological, fair and inclusive politics. Deep down, Alex loves to travel and has encountered through his journeys diverse cultures which helps him bring together is passion for local involvement and his thirst of knowledge.

Alex studied in Arts and Literature with a specialization in language and culture at the CEGEP Limoilou. He’s currently a student at Concordia University pursuing a major in Indigenous Studies following a baccalaureate in Honours in Linguistics. His interest for school pushes him to support free college tuition as well as a more inclusive access to the education system. Alex would like to put forth a better education system, in the advantage of students but also professors, to prompt curiosity. Likewise, he proposes a drastic improvement of the healthcare system. As a result, he would like to insure free health services as well as a free access to prescription drugs and consultations.

He is also implicated within the Quebec Student Parliament as well as in the queer cause. He is currently accomplishing his second mandate as an events coordinator and member of the administrative council of the LGBTQIA2+ Queer Concordia organization. Also, Alex was formed by the organization Gris-Québec within their program of demystification of homosexuality and bisexuality with students of the secondary.

Locally, the candidate hopes to improve the urban life of Jean-Lesage with a focus on the environment and the social well-being of the community, all the while creating new incentives and long-term projects. In this regards, he fights for free and open access to public transports paired with an extension of the network to discourage the use of private vehicles. Finally, he would like to encourage the cultural aspect of the circonscription by putting forth the projects of students from CEGEP.  

To reach Mr. Bellefeuille, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or via email at 


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