Animal Rights

The Green Party of Quebec wishes to put forward that animals are not mere goods. On the contrary, they are sentient beings who have biological imperatives, as indicated by the Civil Code of Quebec. As a progressive party, we want to take animal rights further to a level that will further their welfare.

Reduction of meat-consumption

The Green Party of Quebec believes that society must take a turn towards a global reduction in meat consumption. To this end, the party program includes measures to:

  • Mandate public institutions, such as schools and hospitals, to provide vegetarian and vegan meal options to encourage healthier food choices that are less damaging to our environment.
  • Add healthy cooking classes to elementary and secondary school curriculums in Quebec. These courses will include training in vegetarian and vegan cooking, as well as informing students to the ecological impacts of eating meat and animal products.
  • Use financial levers in agriculture to increase subsidies for plant-based food production. This will include the implementation of a vast nationalized greenhouse program that will allow all Quebecers to enjoy fruits and vegetables produced with our own green electricity.
  • Subsidize products and programs that help citizens reduce their consumption of meat and animal by-products. This will include lower prices for plant-based foods and free cooking classes accessible to all.
  • Over a 10-year period, switch subsidies to the meat industry to programs that value the use of plant-based food products.  
  • Encourage people to reduce their consumption of meat and animal products through advertising campaigns.

Domestic animals    

Many people consider their pets to be family members. Yet, Quebec does not have a good reputation for treating pets: the province has arguably the worst report card in the country. For this reason alone, the Green Party of Quebec wants to put in place greater protection measures for pets.

The Green Party believes that the Criminal Code penalties regarding cruelty to animals are not high enough. We believe it is immoral that predicted offenses for animal cruelty are found in the "Prohibited acts on property" section of this legislative document.

Domestic or exotic pets

Our program includes measures to:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of taking into account the biological requirements of pets.
  • Inform people of their rights and obligations to pets under section 5 of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act.
  • Encourage owners to sterilize their pets in order to combat abandonment and overpopulation in shelters. We also want to increase the visibility of pet sterilization clinics for low-income people.
  • Make animal identification and vaccination mandatory to ensure the traceability and health of these animals. We also want to increase the visibility of associations that pay these fees for people who lack resources.
  • Prohibit breeding of pets for sale at a profit (by individuals, puppy mills, etc.) and the sale of animals in pet shops. However, we encourage the adoption of animals coming from responsible and ethical shelters.
  • Prohibit the continuous leashing of dogs.
  • Fight against the discrimination of animal species (speciesism) while taking into account their different needs within ecosystems.
  • Fight against the adoption of Bill 128 and banning of specific races by proposing solutions that protect our population: activities to educate and prevent dog bites with young scholars, training classes focused on canine language and general dog education.
  • Act against overpopulation of stray cats while reducing the number of euthanasia by encouraging the practice of CRSM (capture, sterilize, release, maintain).

Wild animals

Hunting and fishing

The Green Party of Quebec opposes itself to certain forms of hunting. Our program includes the following measures:

  • Prohibit any import of hunting trophies from exotic animals.
  • Allow hunting and fishing for recreational and/or sporting purposes only when done to consume said hunted or caught animals.
  • Prohibit trapping of wild animals for commercial and recreational purposes.

Protecting the habitat of wild animals

  • Encourage the establishment of green areas in urban centers and their surroundings.
  • Create more provincial parks to protect larger territories.
  • Encourage greater respect for the natural environment of wild animals.
  • Reframe ecotourism practices to minimize impact on animals and their natural environment.
  • Construction of more animal bridges, tunnels and fences to allow animals to safely cross roads and highways.

Threatened and vulnerable species

  • Raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered or threatened species.

Other proposals on the protection of animal habitats and threatened or vulnerable species can be found in the environment section of our program.


The public would certainly choose to ensure better living conditions for farm animals if they were informed of the abuse they suffered. Currently, the Animal Welfare and Safety Act does not protect livestock. They are subjected to regulations or " commonly used practices" by the livestock industry. For this reason, the Green Party believes that a set of regulations aimed at alleviating this suffering and ending the abuse of farmed animals must be implemented.

Animal production

The Green Party program aims to:

  • Inform the public about common practices in the industry to raise awareness on treatment of livestock.
  • Impose a strict framework of the rules concerning industry practices.
  • Prohibit mutilation of farmed animals such as tail amputation, live castration and beak trimming.
  • Prohibit the ongoing slaughter of chicks.
  • Prohibit any form of slaughter that does not provide prior desensitization and promote ethical practices.
  • Make access to information and transparency mandatory in slaughterhouses, industrial farms and transporters. However, availability of this information should not be restricted to government authorities.
  • Imposing strict standards on animal transportation that reduce travel time, increase living space of animals in trucks and limit transportation during extreme temperatures. The use of electric prods must be prohibited and the coercive power of inspectors increased.
  • Increase number of inspectors.
  • Promote local farms and slaughterhouses.
  • Encourage people to reduce consumption of meat and by-products of animal origin.

Animals bred or trapped for their fur

The Green Party opposes any form of fur use. We consider that fur is a luxury product that is not necessary. In addition, the fur industry is responsible for the death and suffering of millions of foxes, coyotes, rabbits and mink, among others. They are trapped in their natural habitats or raised on fur farms.

For these reasons, the Green Party wishes to:

  • Abolish the sale of fur clothing.
  • Prohibit the breeding of animals for their fur.

Animal experimentation

Animal testing for cosmetics or household products

The Green Party considers that experiments on animals for the development of cosmetics are cruel and unnecessary. Animal testing is not included in the Animal Welfare and Safety Act. We recommend other methods to develop a product. More and more cosmetic brands are now appearing as "humane": we encourage and support these companies.

The Green Party program aims to:

  • Sensitize the general public to the cruelty of animal experiments and encourage them to consume cosmetics or household products that are not tested on animals.
  • Progressively prohibit importing, marketing and selling of cosmetics and household products tested on animals, as Israel and India have done.

Animal experimentation in medical and scientific fields

Le Parti vert du Québec propose un encadrement et une application stricte de règlements qui régissent l’expérimentation animale dans le domaine médical et scientifique. Étant donné que ces animaux sont exclus des protections de la Loi sur la sécurité et le bien-être de l’animal, les pratiques sont actuellement laissées à l’autorégulation.

Le programme du Parti vert vise à :

  • Encourager l’élimination graduelle de l’utilisation des animaux dans l’industrie et le développement de nouvelles méthodes qui n’impliquent pas d’animal.
  • Mandater les fonctionnaires du MAPAQ pour effectuer des inspections approfondies non seulement pendant que les laboratoires sont vides ou inutilisés, mais aussi pendant que les tests sont réalisés sur les animaux. Ils devront produire des rapports publics détaillés afin d’assurer la transparence et faire un rapport sur l’état des animaux avant, pendant et après les tests.

Les animaux de dissection dans le milieu éducatif

Le Parti vert du Québec s’oppose à toute forme d’expérimentation animale dans les établissements d’enseignement préuniversitaires. Nous considérons qu’il s’agit d’une méthode d’enseignement obsolète et nous croyons que les élèves et étudiants ne devraient jamais être forcés d’effectuer des expériences sur les animaux.

Nous proposons de remplacer ces pratiques par d’autres méthodes pédagogiques. Compte tenu de la technologie de pointe que nous possédons aujourd’hui, il n’y a aucune raison de ne pas avoir recours à des méthodes d’enseignement sans cruauté, par l'usage de modèles synthétiques, de vidéos, etc.


Le Parti vert s’oppose à toute forme de captivité animale dans le but de divertir. Nous considérons que la captivité des animaux sauvages et exotiques est cruelle et immorale. L’industrie ne devrait pas obliger les animaux sauvages à performer pour le divertissement des êtres humains. L’usage d’animaux pour le divertissement, que ce soit dans les zoos, les cirques, les expositions ou les rodéos doit être réduit et éventuellement interdit.

Pour ces raisons, le programme du Parti vert vise à :

  • Mettre fin à tous les programmes d’élevage dans les zoos et les aquariums.
  • Établir des normes de soins obligatoires dans tous les zoos et aquariums pour tous les animaux qui s’y trouvent en ce moment.
  • Interdire l’importation d’animaux exotiques et sauvages.
  • Organiser la reconversion des zoos et des aquariums en sanctuaires et refuges pour réadapter les animaux captifs et leur permettre de vivre le restant de leur vie dans un milieu plus naturel et adapté à leurs impératifs biologiques.
  • Accompagner, à l’aide de programmes d’appui financier novateur, les organisateurs d’événements comme les rodéos et les activités de « pourchasse et capture » dans une transition vers des activités de divertissement rentables qui ne contribuent pas à la souffrance animale.


Le Parti vert s’oppose à l’utilisation de chevaux en milieu urbain et préconise une interdiction complète de l’industrie des calèches tractées par des chevaux. Nous proposons la substitution de ces attractions touristiques par d’autres véhicules, comme les calèches électriques.

Green Party of Quebec