Anna Calderon

Candidate in Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques


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Born in Peru, Anna Calderon immigrated in Canada at the age of 14 with her family. She graduated in Criminology at the University Simon Fraser and obtained a second license in Political Sciences at the University of Concordia where she’s currently pursuing a master in Public Politics and Administration.

For the first time, at the age of 26, she’s running with the Green Party of Québec to promote greater environmental protection, an improved system of integration for immigrants and refugees as well as a massive growth in investments to insure free public transportation for the whole of the province.

As soon as she came to Canada, Anna Calderon was implicated in numerous volunteering projects such as, Big Brothers and Sisters for 7 years, Free the children, the Immigrant Society of BC and finally, Circle of Support and Accountability, an organisation assisting the rehabilitation of sexual delinquants.

The candidate has always been sensitive to the defense of marginalized communities. In fact, she wrote her master on the resistance of domestic female workers in Peru facing abuse from employers and difficult working conditions. By sharing her experiences, talents and determination to contribute positively to the social and democratic progress of the province, Anna hopes she will bring a rejuvenating and dynamic point of view to Québec politics through this election. She also hopes to pave the way for other migrant women to get involved in politics.


For her, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec shows that our program resonates with the population, helps us take a place in the public debate and contributes significantly to the financing of the Green Party. For all these reasons (and more) Anna would be honored to have your support in the 2018 general election. Every voice counts!

To reach Ms. Calderon, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at 514 612 3365 or at


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