Conferences of the Leader of the Green Party of Quebec 

Alex Tyrrell regularly gives lectures in CEGEPS and Universities throughout Quebec. It is a pleasure for him to be able to share his knowledge, opinions and experiences with young people (and young people) from all walks of life. If you are a student, teacher, organizer or just want to organize an event where Mr. Tyrrell's presence is relevant, we invite you to contact the party.



Here are some topics he presents regularly:


  • The political vision of the Green Party of Quebec

  • Youth involvement in politics


  • The energy transition in Quebec
  • The reality of climate change
  • The pros and cons of electric vehicles
  • Quebec's environmental issues

Social Justice 

  • The fight for an inclusive Quebec
  • Economic inequalities and how to fix them

Mr. Tyrrell speaks regularly on all the issues of Quebec politics and is open to suggestions for conferences on a range of issues. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. He is based in Montreal but travels frequently throughout Quebec. It can also participate remotely to certain conferences through a video link.

Green Party of Quebec