Daydree Vendette

Candidate in Louis-Hébert

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Daydree Vendette has been living in the riding of Louis-Hébert for 17 years now. She goes into politics for the first time to defend the ecological, equitable and feminist ideas of the Green Party of Quebec. Daydree is a technical writer working in the field of high technology and has also worked for pharmaceutical and data companies. She is now entering a Ph.D, after having completed a bachelor degree in Linguistics and a Master's degree in English Literature at Laval University.

Daydree is passionate about the collective well-being. As a vegan, yoga practitioner and through constant learning she believes that a global impact starts with personal choices. Passionate about arts and writing, she sometimes writes cultural journals.

Daydree has decided to get involved with the Green Party of Québec because the party's ideas are in line with her values, in addition to proposing sustainable policies that ensure a better future for the province. For her, politics is a tool to raise awareness and mobilize citizens around the same goal. In this regard, Daydree would like to ban single-use plastics and support the mobilization of citizens to push companies to turn to reusable and environmentally friendly options. It also pushes for free public transport and expansion of networks to find alternatives to private vehicles. Also, Daydree proposes to increase the network of bike paths to compete with the number of highways and propose viable solutions. Finally, she promotes education on sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

For Daydree Vendette, every vote in favor of the Green Party of Quebec proves that the ideas defended by the party resonate with the population. She would like to ensure that our province and its citizens are healthy, educated, prosperous and would be honored to have your support in the upcoming 2018 elections in Louis-Hébert. Every vote counts!

To reach Ms. Vendette, please communicate with the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or by mail at 



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