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We wish to see the province of Quebec develop itself in with a strong state, while being coherent and thoughtful. For too long, public investments in the province focused on short term objectives and crisis management. It is time to think ahead and identify the needs for long term projects. We need to optimize the use of our resources. Many brilliant ideas start in Québec but are never put in place : combining students and elders residencies, using the wasted energy of plants to heat the houses surrounding them, etc. Lets prepare Quebec for tomorrow, where the future is green, collective and efficient.


The Green party adheres to a ecosocialist vision of society. It includes quality services for the entire population while protecting the environment. We are very concerned about rising inequalities and recognize the need to build an egalitarian society.


The Green Party of Quebec supports the rapid increase of minimum wage to attain 15$/h by the spring of 2019. This increase would be combined with an update of  the labour laws, to prohibit employers from cutting employees benefits to finance the increase in wages. The minimum wage would be indexed to inflation after spring 2019.


The Green Party proposes to implement a guaranteed minimum revenu of 1200$ per month to assure no quebecers are still living in poverty. This amount would be increased for people who suffer from a physical handicap or a disease. The measure would eventually replace the social-welfare program. All residents would be admissible without any restraints. There would be a 600$ work exemption for people who wish to work part-time, while still having access t0 the program.


In Quebec and everywhere around the world, new technology reduces the needs of human work-force in the private and public sector. As productivity increases, companies produce even more. Artificial intelligence will accelerate this phenomenon and, as a society, we need to make an important choice. Are we going to use the technological advances as a mean to produce more goods, or are we going to take this opportunity to reduce working hours?

Studies show that a reduction in working hours increases productivity, which is a big economical advantage for companies. Furthermore, stress levels, days off due to sickness and burnouts have a tendency to diminish once the number of hours is reduced. Unemployment rates will also decrease and citizens will have more time to participate in community events, take care of themselves and their family while diminishing their ecological impact.

The Green Party wishes to reduce the weekly working hours to attain 32 hours in 2022.

To comply with the newly established rules, companies will have to maintain weekly salaries at the same rate as they would for employees who would be working 40h per week.

The Green Party is part of a global movement that is working towards reducing working hours and increase the well-being of the population. Québec’s population is getting older, and it is important to ensure that everyone has the right amount of time to take care of their family. It is also important to give the time to people to invest themselves in their communities and enjoy life.


We believe that reducing the hours needs to be combined with the right to be disconnected. This measure, already in place in many countries, would help to fight against professional exhaustion, and would help citizens to enjoy fully their time off.


Historically, weekly working hours have been decreasing since 1976. Nonetheless, this tendency has reversed in the recent past. The Green Party would like to diminish to 32h in 2022.  

1976 : 45 hours

1st April 1980 - 30 September 1996 : 44 hours

1st  October 1997 : 43 hours

1st  October 1998 : 42 hours

1st  October 1999 : 41 hours

1st  October 2000 until today: 40 hours

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