Ève Bellavance, Green Party candidate in l'Assomption in the 2018 elections


Ève Bellavance is a young mother with activist and ecologist interests and has been involved for a long time in different environmental and social causes. With a certificate in management from UQAM university, Ève is joining the Green Party’s fight to incite families and communities to question their environmental impact and work towards a healthy lifestyle. From a professional point of view, the candidate co-owns “Whoops”, an entreprise specialised in informatics that supports non-profit organizations and SMEs.

Locally, wishes to increase composting in Quebec’s regions. Organic waste represents a huge energetical potential in Quebec and that is why the collect of organic material for all citizens should be mandatory. Furthermore, Ms. Bellavance pushes for the gratuity of public transportation. Combined with the electrification and the extension of networks, she would emphasise alternatives to the use of private vehicles in regions that are enclaved and poorly served. She pushes for the urgency of an energetic transition.

According to Ève Bellavance, each vote received by the Green Party of Quebec proves that the ideas held by the party resonate with the population. Ms. Bellavance would like to assure that all citizens are healthy, educated, prosperous and fair. She would be honoured to count on your vote this upcoming election on October 1, 2018. Every voice matters!

To reach Ms. Ève Bellavance, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612-3365 or via email at info@pvq.qc.ca


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