Fight racism and discrimination


The province of Québec is largely open and welcoming to minorities. However, racist people do exist and are sometimes in position of power. To tackle the issue, it is essential that our society fights against systemic racism. It is crucial to ensure that every citizens have the same opportunities and that everyone lives in a society free of discrimination.

The Green Party proposes to :

  • Establish a permanent council to fight against racism, composed of people of a variety of ethnic groups. It would be mandated to research and advise the government on legislation, make information available to the general public and fight against racism.
  • Fight for labor accessibility by implementing incentives policies and put minimal requirements for the hiring process of public and parapublic institutions.
  • Raise awareness on racism realities and include a course in the elementary and high schools curriculums. This course would address racism against people of  color and first nations, sexism, homophobia (among others). It would also sensitize the public to notions of privilege, colonialism, systemic environmental and economical discrimination.
  • Fight for justice by promoting a strict application of the criminal code for heinous crimes, while sharing information to the general public to reassure communities and dissuade potential criminals.
  • Stop racial profiling by implementing disciplinary measures and giving compensations toward victims.
  • Start an advertising campaign to raise awareness against all forms of racism.
  • Increase the diversity in the media, in the public services, and subsidized cultural events by imposing quotas.
Green Party of Quebec