Giuseppe Cammarrota

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Giuseppe Cammarrota has always had a deep connection and appreciation for nature. There was this one beautiful summer day in la Mauricie National Park that the essence of mother nature was particularly strong; the sight of luscious green moss illuminated by the warmth of the sun through the vibrant foliage ruminates to this day. From that point on he directed his attention towards understanding demand, production, consumption, and how it plays a role  on the environment. His findings have concluded with the fact that as long as we keep hiding post-consumption waste, we will remain unaware of why our environmental crises are in the conditions we see today.

As communities begin to wake up to the complexities and challenges society is facing, the interconnectedness on this planet is more evident than ever before. Giuseppe enters the political world with the intention of bringing forth mindbody wellness and empowerment as an approach to political activism and igniting community involvement.

The purpose set forth regarding his presence in politics involve spreading awareness and knowledge about the green party and our mission in a more accessible manner, and facilitating the communal shift towards efficient and sustainable practices - including clean energy & energy efficiency, food & agriculture, as well as (but not limited to) encouraging a conscious symbiotic relationship with nature. A green world does not mean higher costs or less profit.

A walk in nature can shift our entire perspective when we allow ourselves the moment to unify with the untouched lands of our planet. A vote for Giuseppe and the green party is a vote for a diversified and engaged community; a vote for a self-sufficient community, a vote for a collaboration between human innovation and nature’s creation, and a vote toward a conscious society.

To reach Mr. Cammarrota, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at 514 612 3365 or


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