Halimatou Bah, Green Party candidate in Saint-Laurent for the 2018 elections

Candidate in Saint-Laurent


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Halimatou Bah is running in politics for the first time in order to push for a greater respect of the environment, increased investissements in public transports, a greater acknowledgement of foreign diplomas and the protection of humid environments in the Saint-Laurent ‘Technoparc’.

Born in Guinea, Halimatou completed a licence in law at the University of Rennes as well as a baccalaureate in political science at UQAM  and a master in Public Administration at l’ENAP. All the while being a mother of two, she’s an active member of the Montreal-Guinean community and is passionate by interior decor and cinema.

The candidate chose to get implicated with the Green Party because of it’s ecosialist program which embraces all aspects of Quebec politics.

For Halimatou Bah, the region has a lot of potential. She underlines the importance to set concrete actions in order to retain youth communities by spreading internet and mobile services  in all of the villages, to develop the tourism industry and the growth of post-secondary programs in the region.

To reach Ms. Bah, please community with the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or via email at info@pvq.qc.ca



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