Heather Imhoff - Green Party candidate in Bonaventure in the 2018 elections

Candidate in Bonaventure


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Heather Imhoff has a diploma in environmental studies who was born and raised in New-Carlisle. In 2009, she left the region to follow studies in Montreal in wildlife management before studying the environment at the University of Concordia.

Following her studies, Heather settled in the Shigawake village with her spouse. She’s running alongside the Green Party of Quebec for the first time at the age of 26 to bring back the VIA Rail train, to end oil exploration and to fight against widespread poverty in the region. She wishes to push for environmental protection and social justice as well as increase the prosperity of her region. In her free time, Heather likes to hike, play hockey, raquette, snowboard and play golf.

For Heather, the region has a lot of potential. She underlines the importance to set concrete actions in order to retain youth communities by spreading internet and mobile services  in all of the villages, to develop the tourism industry and the growth of post-secondary programs in the region.

For Élisabeth Dionne, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec shows that our program resonates with the population, helps us take place in the public debate and contributes significantly to the financing of the Green Party. For all these reasons, she would be honored to have your support in the 2018 general election! Every voice counts!

To reach Ms. Imhoff, please contact the Green Party at the (514) 612 3365 or via email at info@pvq.qc.ca



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