Jason Mossa, candidate in Vaudreuil

Candidate in Vaudreuil

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LGBT activist and animal rights advocate, Jason Mossa embarks on politics for the first time. A student in biological sciences at UdeM, a real estate broker and a native of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, he comes forward to promote more social justice, the defense of minorities and the wellbeing of animals in the riding of Vaudreuil.

In his brokerage business, Jason takes an ecological approach to real estate, practicing the business in an environmentally friendly manner and taking into account the green technologies available for sustainable construction.

Jason is also director of the Rabbit Association of Quebec. He has resided in Milan, Italy, where he is still a volunteer for the Association of Exotic Animals (ANA) and for the ENPA (National Association for the Protection of Animals), in which he is a lifeguard and assistant to the veterinarian. For all these reasons, Jason offers an ambitious, progressive animal rights program that represents all the concerns of Quebecers.

As the population of Vaudreuil is growing, Jason believes it is essential to accelerate the construction of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Hospital. The region has been discussing this project for 20 years and it is crucial for Jason that investments be made in the health sector to ensure a better future for the sector and the citizens. He also believes that increased investment in research and development of green technologies, such as the electrification of public transport or the implementation of industrial recycling, could benefit all from a socio-economic point of view and the fight against the threat of global warming. In addition, Jason wants to see a decrease in car traffic in the region, by improving the train services.

For Jason Mossa, every vote in favor of the Green Party of Quebec proves that the ideas defended by the Party resonate with the public and help us to take our place in the public debate. He would be honored to count on your support in the upcoming 2018 elections in Vaudreuil.

To reach Mr. Mossa, please communicate with the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or by mail at info@pvq.qc.ca.


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