Jérémie Alarco

Candidate in D'Arcy-McGee

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Concordia University student Jérémie Alarco is passionate about the environment and, for the first time, he is running for the provincial elections of 2018  besides the Green Party of Quebec to bring back the political discussion towards more stressing subjects, such as climate change. According to him, the environmental crisis is still too much in the background. Therefore, he pushes for a change in mentality as well as a major cultural change. Jérémie is bilingual and has previously studied at the Collège Français de Montréal to then follow studies at the Collège des Marcellines where he really started to enjoy the learning process. He also participated in United Nations mock-ups at McGill and Harvard University.

Disappointed by the Couillard government, he considers it is vital to create a direct link between members of the government and the electorate. It is for this very reason that he decided to get involved in politics, in parallel to his passion for law, since he considers the domain as essential to put into practice his ideas and to enable him to take a stand.

Locally, he would like to work closely with small and medium businesses to support them to find long-term sustainable options and put forth a circular economy to go against food wastage. Jérémie believes that the Quebec government should invest in his artists et by the same means, bring its culture to the forefront. Finally, for him, it is intolerable that, still to this day, young students go to school without a meal because it can have long-lasting effects on their academic success. Therefore, he would like to bring forward the numerous associations that work towards eliminating these social inequalities.

For Jérémie Alarco, every vote casted to support the Green Party of Quebec proves that their ideas resonate with the electorate. He would like to insure that our province and its citizens are healthy, educated, thriving, respected and he would be honored to count on your votes for the next 2018 elections in D’Arcy-McGee. Every vote counts!

To reach Jérémy Alarco, please contact at the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or via email at info@pvq.qc.ca



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