Kimberly Salt

Candidate in Marquette


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Kimberly Salt is an artist, community activist and dedicated volunteer who is currently pursuing a Specialization in Urban Planning from Concordia University with a minor in Anthropology. She has lived in Lachine since 1997 and decided to run for politics with the Green Party of Québec at age 26 in order to advocate for environmental protection, the creation of more livable and vibrant communities as well as rapid development of the social economy.

She is currently Vice President of Compeer, a non profit organization that is dedicated to helping people cope with mental illness through workshops and interactions with volunteers. She holds a college level diploma in Social Sciences and has a profound interest in urban agriculture. Since 2015 she has been actively involved in the NDG community council and has contributed to projects such as the creation of a community resource map, community consultations and Parking Day - an initiative that temporarily re-appropriates parking spaces for community use.

Kimberly Salt brings a new perspective to Quebec politics. Her background in Urban Planning and Anthropology as well as her passion for social justice and environmental protection make her the ideal person to lead Dorval and Lachine to a more sustainable and inclusive future while contributing to policy development on the provincial level.

In terms of local issues, Kimberly Salt’s campaign will focus on the need for better public transit including the implementation of free transit, better bus service and the construction of a permanent train station at the Du Canal stop. She supports local business, community organizations and is willing, ready and able to work with local residents to build a more sustainable city and province.


For Kimberly Salt each vote cast for the Green Party of Québec shows that our policies resonate with the population, helps us influence the political debate and contributes significantly to the funding of the Green Party of Québec. For all these reasons and many more Kimberly Salt would be honored to have your support in the 2018 Quebec election!

To reach Ms. Salt, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at 514 612 3365 or

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