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LGBTQIA2+ rights


The Green Party believes that the government of Québec needs to put more efforts against intimidations, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. This fight would start in schools, but has to continue throughout society. Citizens from sexual and gender minorities groups have equal rights and intolerance needs to be fought against. Gender and sexual diversity as well as openness is one of Québec’s pride and should be celebrated.


We believe that official documents in Québec should give the voluntary option to choose a gender or have a neutral option for those who do not identify to the masculin or feminin genre. We also support the idea of gender neutral bathrooms in every public institutions.


We want to further support members of marginalized communities by creating LGBTQIA2+ youth centers everywhere in Quebec in particular in rural regions. This is where those communities need the most resources. We also believe that we need to adapt financial measures for LGBTQIA2+, people of color and native people communities.

We wish to implement a sexual education classes reform that would be implemented in high schools. It should also reflect issues of sexual and gender minorities. We also support the establishment of support groups to students from sexual and gender minorities in every school in addition to gender neutral bathrooms.


Homosexuality and gender transition are not diseases. Therapies that aim to cure those are homophobic, transphobic and need to be reported and condemned. The Green Party believes that those therapies should be banned as soon as possible to protect the general public, in particular minors.


Concerning adoption and parentality, we consider that homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples. There is no compromise to do for equality between citizens and we believe that homosexual couples as competent as heterosexual couples to raise children.


Unfortunately, homophobia, transphobia and intolerance gives a very suitable environment for acts of violence. As a progressive society, it is our duty to fight against any form of violence. It implies to fight against every form of homophobia in every aspect of our society. We need to establish structures that would facilitate prevention and reporting of violence against those communities in Québec.


Within the last couple of year, the federal government has officially apologized to LGBTQIA2+ communities. The city of Montreal and its police department has also presented its official apologies to this community concerning acts of police brutality, violent police raids towards this community and their establishments. A Green Party government would officially apologize to the LGBTQIA2+ community and would still continue to act to fight for equality.

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