Marie-Maud Côté-Rouleau

Candidate in Sherbrooke


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A law and life sciences student at the University of Sherbrooke, Marie-Maud Côté-Rouleau is a dynamic, motivated and ambitious young woman determined to advance the causes of social justice and the protection of the environment. At the age of 19, she went into politics with the Green Party of Quebec in the riding of Sherbrooke to fight against savage capitalism, the destruction of ecosystems, racism and Islamophobia, by proposing a unifying society project based on eco-socialism, sharing resources and living together.

Born in Mauricie, Marie-Maud is a sporty woman. She enjoys swimming, running, cycling, cross country, marathons and outdoor activities. Passionate about the environment, she considers that the protection of natural environments and climate change are not adequately addressed by the major political parties in the National Assembly.

Always ready to take on new challenges, Marie-Maude is eager to contribute to the political debate and democracy in Quebec, both nationally and locally. She is a feminist and hopes to chart the path to encourage the involvement of young women in politics. Marie-Maud hopes to rally the support of the entire population and will particularly appeal to young people, who represent a significant portion of the constituency electorate and promote an opportunity for change and renewal.

For Marie-Maud Coté-Rouleau, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that the party's ideas resonate with the public and contribute to the development of the party and what it represents. For all these reasons, Marie-Maud would be honored to be able to count on your support during the elections. Every voice counts!

To contact Ms. Coté-Rouleau, please communicate with the Green Party of Quebec at 514 612 3365 or by e-mailing to

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