Maude Bussière - Candidate for the Green Party in Lévis - Elections 2018

Candidate in Lévis


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Maude Bussière is a young activist living in the city of Lévis. She is currently studying at University Laval in International Studies and Modern Languages. She goes into politics for the first time at the age of 21 to demand more public transit, greater social solidarity and more respect for our natural environment.

One of the biggest hindrances to the riding's economy is a lack of structuring, efficient and fast public transit service. In order to solve the problem, Ms. Bussière requires significant investments from the Québec government for a new rapid transit infrastructure, not a third road link.

Deeply rooted in Lévis, Maude Bussière has lived there since she was born and attended Pointe-Lévy High School. She is currently working part-time in the tourism industry to finance her studies. Maude brings a wind of optimism and a perspective of youth to Quebec politics, which is too often dominated by negative speech and fear of others.

For Maude Bussière, every vote cast on behalf of the Quebec Green Party shows that our program resonates with the public, helps us to take a place in the public debate and contributes significantly to the financing of the Green Party. For all these reasons (and more), Maude would be honored to have your support in the 2018 provincial election.

To contact Ms. Bussière, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at 514 612 3365 pr by writing to


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