Nadia Baksh

Candidate in Châteauguay

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Nadia Baksh is involved with the Quebec Green Party in politics for the first time. She brings with her a vision of entrepreneurship and innovation with a community setting to address the environmental and social challenges facing our province. In love with art and passionate about cooking, she tries on a daily basis to combine and put forward the cultures that shape her. Nadia strongly believes in the need to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about cultural diversity. She is also convinced that Quebec's diversity is one of it’s greatest wealths and should be rightly celebrated.

Nadia is involved in several associations and works closely with the Caribbean diaspora to expand her culture. She understands the importance of supporting low-income families so she is also a volunteer at Food Banks. From a professional point of view, Nadia is the founder and CEO of a catering company. She is also the Founder and President of iDiversity, an NGO that promotes, educates and celebrates new initiatives to highlight the diversity of the province as well as the founder of Hemp City that promotes research on the benefits of hemp. Open-minded, Nadia wants to emphasize compassion and honesty at all levels.

From a local point of view, she wants to encourage businesses to engage in environmentally friendly practices and promote the circular economy to reduce waste. Moreover, she is also pushing to increase the ecological culture of her riding by increasing the public transport network with reduced rates. Finally, Nadia intends to promote facilitated access to social housing with an increase in food banks and social programs for marginalized people in her community.

For Nadia Baksh, every vote cast in favor of the Green Party of Quebec proves that the ideas defended by the party resonate with the population. She would like to ensure that our province and its citizens are healthy, educated, prosperous, fair and would be honored to be able to count on your support in the upcoming 2018 elections in Châteauguay. Every voice counts!

To contact Nadia Baksh, please contact the Green Party of Quebec at the (514) 612 3365 or by email to




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