Parity of MNA


Although we are in 2018, Quebec's politics remains dominated by men. As proof, over 70% of MPs in the National Assembly are men. To correct this unacceptable situation the Green Party of Quebec proposes to introduce quotas for the representation of women in a proportional voting system. Parties would be required to present a minimum of 35% female candidates in the next general election and 50% for the next election. Quotas would remain in place for 16 years, four general elections, and their relevance would be re-evaluated at that time. Parties that do not reach quotas will see a significant reduction in their operational funding by the Director General of Elections under the public financing of political parties.

Many systemic barriers to women's participation are, unfortunately, deeply entrenched. Although these problems are primarily social, we propose, within democratic institutions, targeted changes to promote the participation of women in Quebec politics.

Allow maternity leave for MNA

At the moment, there is no legal way for provincial or municipal elected officials to take maternity leave. Although elected officials may be absent when voting is held, there is no possibility for them to mandate a substitute person or to perform their duties as representatives without being physically present on the board. Municipal Council or the National Assembly. We therefore propose to allow these MPs to appoint someone worthy to replace them in the event of maternity leave.

Sanctioning political parties that do not respect gender parity

We propose to impose a financial penalty on provincial political parties that do not present a joint team during elections. The sum representing the penalty would be withdrawn from the public funding of the political parties which do not present at least 45% of candidates.

Create a financial grant for women candidates who want to run for the first time in politics

In order to encourage female candidates for election, we are proposing a grant that will help women take unpaid leave from their employer to get into politics for the first time.

Green Party of Quebec