Stéphanie Desmeules - Candidate du Parti Vert du Québec dans Orford - Élections 2018

Candidate in Orford


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Stéphanie Desmeules is the proud mother of 4 young boys aged 3 to 14, born in the heart of Montreal's multi-ethnic streets and adopted by the green countryside of the Eastern Townships for 14 years.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Montreal and a Master's degree in Urban Studies from the National Institute of Scientific Research, Stéphanie Desmeules has also traveled to all 5 continents, always looking for inspiring encounters, different ways of doing things, values ​​that root us and allow us to be more resilient.

Being the builder of an ecological home, a house mom, a home teacher, a caregiver, a widow and a single parent, it goes without saying that land use planning, green architecture, education, entrepreneurship, health prevention and food security are at the heart of her concerns.

In addition, the issues of First Nations rights, water rights, animal rights, forest management, green technologies and recycling are topics of interest to which she has a keen interest.

The vagaries of life have become stepping stones so that in 2007, she co-founded a cooperative to bring together actors of change in the world of landscape architecture, urbanism and horticulture. The organisation works on eco-social issues through the development of territories. In 2017, she built a small landscape architecture company with values such as positivism, empathy, connection, adaptation, flexibility and ecology.

Today, she proudly wears the flag of entrepreneur, ecologist and feminist, in its most inclusive form. Her candidacy for the Green Party is no more than an additional step in conveying and applying the values ​​of inclusion, ecological wisdom, peace, sustainable and innovative development, respect and diversity that are also present in the founding principles of the global green movement.

Pour contacter Mme Desmeules, veuillez communiquer avec le Parti Vert du Québec au 514 612 3365 ou en écrivant à


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