A victory in the fight against violence towards women!

An article by Alice Sécheresse, Deputy Leader of the Quebec Green Party and spokesperson for Women's right.

Copyrights: SETH WENIG / AP

Montreal, February 28th 2020 - With International Women's Day fast approaching, it is important to take a moment to rethink the advances that have been made by social movements, and more specifically feminist movements, such as the #metoo movement.

Thanks to Harvey Weinstein's conviction announced Monday February 24th, the #metoo movement has witnessed a victory in their fight against violence against women! This movement gave young women the courage to speak out and express themselves about the violence they have experienced, which facilitated the conviction of Harvey Weinstein. The Green Party of Quebec would like to salute the courage of these women who dared to speak out to defend their rights. The right of women to dispose of their bodies as they see fit, which was acquired at the cost of much suffering and is still very fragile.

This struggle concerns us all. We need only think back to the events of the past few weeks in Quebec: the attacks on young women with sticks, the murders of several women, including Marylène Lévesque, and more. As a society, we must overthrow the macho ideals that oppress women and girls! It is then our duty, to all of us, to encourage the participation of women in all spheres of our society, whether political, economic, social or cultural. We must ensure a comprehensive understanding of consent in order to provide a safe environment for all these women. We must put all our efforts into combating sexism, which is still all too present in our institutions. Together, let us say NO to sexism, NO to violence against women, NO to rape culture!

Green Party of Quebec