Women's rights


The Green Party is a feminist party. We see that equality between men and women is far from being attained. For example, women are often paid less, prone to suffer from violence and systemic oppression from the state, of capitalism, masculinist culture and patriarchy. At the moment, only 27.2% of deputies in Québec are women. Numerous challenges still lay ahead but the Green Party proposes to implement the following measures immediately :


In Québec, a vast number of women suffer from sexual harassment in the streets. They are rarely sanctioned. Those gestures are not always severe enough to be criminally convicted but it should nonetheless be illegal. For that reason, the Green Party proposes to put in place provincial legislation ( outside of the criminal code) that would impose fines for those who are convicted of vulgar sexual comments that are not solicited. Implementation of this law would function similarly to sanctions that surround jaywalking. This symbolic measure would not only exclude this practice from social norms but would also give the means necessary to police officers to intervene.


The Green Party wishes to implement a multidisciplinary strategy to prevent sexual assault :

  • Talk about consensual sexual relations and respect in every curriculum both in elementary and high school. In colleges, universities and technical schools, consent workshops would be mandatory.
  • Implement a publicity campaign to raise awareness on what is sexual harassment in workplace. We would also update the labor code to protect further the victims of sexual harassment and rape in a work environment.
  • Fight against rape culture by implementing measures that aim to raise awareness on consent, sexual harassment and to understand psychological and physical consequences that it can cause.
  • Reinforce the concept that individuals have full control of their body. Starting in elementary school, we should teach kids that they are the sole owners of their bodies, that they can say no to sexual advances, and that they don't have to submit to anyone, including members of their family.


  • Implement intensive training against sexual violence for all police officers and prosecutors in Québec. This measure would benefit the investigation and denouncing process, to ensure more respect for victims and develop police and judicial competencies.
  • Adapt the labor code to offer paid leaves for victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. Under this policy, leaves could be prescribed by CLSC, social workers, doctors or support centers for victims. These leaves would be paid for by the minister of social services to assure the financial burden does not fall on the victims. This time would give the opportunity for victims to heal, to file a complaint and to leave their domestic partner without compromising their financial situation.
  • Offer free psychotherapy services to anyone in need, particularly the victims of sexual violence.
  • Bring financial support for all programs that fight against domestic violence et women’s center.


  • Fight for solidarity and and rights of  women from ethnical groups. The Green Party propose to fight against racism by promoting intersectional feminism and to ensure good representation of racialized women in affirmative action programs. For many years, women in Québec have accomplished a lot of progress. However, intersectional factors have meant that equality is very far from being attained within native women communities and those from ethnic groups.
  • Fight for a better representation of women in traditionally man dominated groups. The labor code would be adapted to ban all harassment and unfair treatment of those women. The Green Party supports a division of labor that is less divisive between genres. To attain this goal we propose the construction of a new CEGEP focused on teaching sciences ( in particular physics and engineering) which are typically male dominated fields that would be forced to respect gender equality.
  • Fight against hypersexualisation of girls by banning sexualisation in advertising in Québec. The Green Party supports the obligation for media's to indicate if a picture has been modified. We would also implement a minimal body mass index to be hired as a model or for personal images of your person or companies. We wish to implement  an ethics course for advertising companies to raise awareness on the impacts of advertising on societies. We would also implement legislation that would give equal rights to women regarding dress codes. The Green Party wishes to finance a non-profit organization that would analyze sexism and hypersexualisation in advertising.
  • Reach equal-pay following the model adopted in Iceland where companies have to prove that they pay men and women equally, with salaries based on their capabilities, responsibilities and added value to the company. Intersectional issues should also be taken in consideration because equality is far from being reached for native women and women from ethnic groups. At the moment, companies are not forced to prove the equality in their pay structure.
  • Reach parity at the national assembly. By implementing a proportional voting system and quotas for women candidates that would be implemented for a period of two general elections. Implement parental leave for elected officials and improve the financing for mentoring programs.
Green Party of Quebec